Best Bridal Beauty Tips ~ Thanks to MSN

by Jett Middleton on May 29, 2011

Play it Safe
If you’re considering making a drastic change (i.e. lightening brows, changing hair color, doing an intense tan), think twice. Changing your look so significantly before such a big event can be a big mistake. Instead, aim to look like yourself — just enhanced.

Add Some Va-Va-Voom
Who needs a wedding gown when you’re wearing a shimmering, scented body powder – post-reception of course!

Give Your Hairstylist a Heads Up
Let your hairstylist know if you’re planning on using any type of hair accessory or scarf. Take cues (and recommendations) from friends who’ve worn similar styles.

Lash Out
Mega-lashes are one of the most popular bridal beauty looks. If you opt to get lash extensions, use falsies, try a semi-permanent tint like Lash Dip, or even just buy a new mascara, road-test the look a few months out. Though rare, reactions to the glues and dyes can happen.

Stop a Sweat Emergency
If your deodorant is not cutting it, don’t panic. Since your sweat doesn’t actually smell until it comes in contact with bacteria on your skin, mop up any dampness with a paper towel and dab antibacterial hand gel under your arms to squash unpleasant odors.

Be Ready to Be on Full-Circle Display ( Need I say More! )

Have a Game Plan for Reapplications

Most brides hardly have a chance to eat, let alone precisely reapply lip gloss and other makeup. I’ll give you a touch-up strategy and supplies to get your through you BIG night.

Expect the Worst
Murphy’s Law applies to weddings (and bridal beauty) too. Troubleshoot as much as possible by packing a BRIDAL EMERGENCY KIT.

Get Your Glow On
Get your faux glow two days before the big day. A salon spray tan or at-home self-tanner will look its best 24-48 hours after application. Try out different formulas for the months leading up to your wedding to find the one that suits you and your skintone best.
Sculpt Away Those Final Five Pounds
Enjoy the catering (you’ve paid enough for it!) and apply bronzer to the hallow of your cheeks to shave a pound or two off of your face.

Go Boho if You’re Wearing A Lot of Bling
Balance statement pieces (like big necklaces) with soft, natural hair and makeup.

Give Blemishes TLC
Just don’t pop them. Squeezing only irritates skin, making it redder and more swollen. Instead, ice the pimple for a few minutes before covering it with a liquid concealer. The cold temps help reduce inflammation. Visine will also take the red out!

Shimmer to Look Slimmer
Don’t let your face have all the fun. Use shimmering powders and creams to accent your collarbone and shoulders. Highlighting the curvature of your bone structure will also have a slimming effect.

Be Prepared to Cry
Whether you’re fighting hot temperatures (or tears of happiness) accept that your bridal makeup will melt or smudge. Use waterproof mascara (you can condition lashes before and after to prevent drying) and keep makeup-removing cotton swabs on hand.

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Gildas June 26, 2011 at 10:36 pm

All of my questions setlted—thanks!

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