Best Makeup For Green Eyes

by Jett Middleton on May 13, 2012

How To Bring Out Green Eyes With Makeup

 Green eyes sometimes get a bad rap (they are, after all, associated with being envious), but they’re uniquely beautiful and fun to make up since different eye shadow colors appear to alter their intensity. If you have green eyes, be smug in the knowledge that you are part of a small population. Green eyes are rare and therefore meant to be celebrated with a wide variety of makeup looks. If you don’t have green eyes, but want to get the look, experiment with green colored contacts. New options range from deep jade to bright emerald. Try on the best makeup for green eyes now in our virtual makeup studio.

You know the adage “opposites attract”? It’s certainly true for eye makeup. Bring out green eyes with makeup that is red-based. Opt for raisin-colored eyeliner and plum eye shadow. If your green eyes are close-set, separate them by using a lighter pencil (think mauve) from the inner corner to the middle of your eye. The darker plum tones should be used at the outer edges of the eye. If your green eyes are droopy, perk them up by applying the darker purple at the inner eye and use lighter colors toward the outer edges.

To make the most of your eye makeup, try plum colored mascara instead of black. Lashes should be clean and free of all traces of makeup before you apply it. Curl your lashes and apply a lash fortifier made from tiny fibers that appear to lengthen and thicken your lashes. For optimum volume, move the wand straight out from the roots, rather than moving it in a sideways-pointing direction. Forward-pointing lashes always look lusher and longer. Your plum colored lashes will bring out green eyes and encourage you to flirt up a storm.

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