How to pick the BEST makeup brushes

by Jett Middleton on March 30, 2010

The one question I hear almost everyday is “how should I pick the BEST makeup brush!”

How to pick the right makeup brushesThe other day, I had a great conversation with a woman about makeup brushes. She had mature skin and didn’t wear lots of makeup, as she worked from home. But, when she did get out of the house, she did want to apply a bit of makeup before going out and she wanted to know what brushes she should get to do so. Since speaking with her, this topic has come up often with others interested in the same thing. So I thought I would pass this along.

As you all know, there are a thousands of makeup brushes out there from thousands of different cosmetic companies and vendors. And you ask, “So what is THE right brush for me?” Here is my honest answer and why I feel the way I do! Thanks for reading on ….

It just so happened, I was on the film set of “Lylith’s Gate’ when I pulled out one of my dollar brushes I purchased in a set from Costco. While I was applying the lead actress’s translucent powder with the large fluffy brush from this set, she said, “I love the feel of your brush.” I had a ‘WOW’ moment. Honestly, no one has ever told me they loved the feeling of any of my $25 dollar brushes!

If memory serves me right, since I’ve thrown out the original box, the set included 12 brushes with a cost under $20.00. I chose this set of brushes because of the variety of brushes included in the set, as well as I thought the different brushes where a great representation of what today’s woman needs to apply her makeup. There’s a bronzer brush; powder foundation brush, and 5 other brushes meant for applying eye makeup alone. The brushes have nice handles so they are easy to grip, and the bristles are soft to the touch – you don’t need to exfoliate your face while applying your makeup. AND, it even comes with a travel set for those on the go or who need to do touchups during the daytime!

So, I don’t feel you have to spend hundreds of dollars on your brushes to look great! If it works for you, you can’t go wrong~

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Computer Backpack June 7, 2010 at 9:07 am

It’s me, Jane Carrasco. I really dig your blog. Nice job. I am nosing around….good article on brushes though. I love buying good “equipment” and the brushes, they are pretty pricey for good ones, but you can really tell the difference.

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