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by Jett Middleton on August 7, 2011

Did you think I was going to say The Kardashians???  I was actually thinking of the
Over-The-Counter makeup lines and the more Professional Lines.  Maybe not as exciting as the wedding of Kim K., but worth a discussion – maybe?

I read an article that compared the lines, and here’s what they found:


Particularly with foundation, it is hard to select what shade would suit your complexion without having the benefit of testing it beforehand. Too often, because of overhead lighting and packaging, it’s easy to choose the wrong shade. Also, your coverage preference is difficult to match without the ability to touch and feel. What one brand advertises as soft, luminous coverage could be quite different than what you would consider soft and luminous.

Beyond the shopping experience, ingredients and product value make foundation worth the extra dollars. When comparing two industry favorites, Makeup Forever HD
Foundation by Makeup Forever ($40) vs. Revlon Photo Ready by Revlon ($13.99)
makeup artists, had this to say:  For the price, RPF (Revlon Photo Ready) is very good, it had a great texture and the fact that it was a pump is impressive. Only problem was that since there are only 8 shades, I didn’t choose the right color. With that said, MUF (Make Up Forever HD Foundation) is still my favorite. It glides and melts into the skin, is paraben-free, and is undetectable. I will always spend more for foundation.

Eye Shadow
Although eye shadow was the other product recommended to spend big bucks on, we found most comparisons were split down  the middle. Recently, a panel of women
on Good Morning America tested  two types of eye shadow, mascara, and lipstick.  They came up equally divided in their preference for drugstore over department store eye shadow and lipstick; remarkably enough, they all actually preferred the drugstore mascara.

Even makeup artists were surprised by the results of her comparison of H.I.P. Studio Secrets Professional Bright Shadow Duo by L’Oreal ($7.99) and NARS Duo Eye Shadow ($33.00). Being blown away by H.I.P colors.  They have something for everyone, even matte colors that are still highly pigmented! Better yet, wet your shadow brush and dip into shadow for an even more intense eye shadow color.

Keeping this in mind, when you head to your corner variety store, it’s best to stay with the higher-end choices. Meaning, even at the drugstore not everything is created equal. If you select a generic brand, or a store brand, you are not likely to receive the level of product value that L’Oreal, Revlon, or Maybelline delivers.

Lipstick, Blush, and Mascara

Lipstick, blush, and mascara seem to be where dollars don’t equate to value. In particular, today’s favorite mascaras can be found in most drugstores.  Side by side,
L’Oreal Voluminous Million Dollar Lashes ($8.99) won over Diorshow Mascara
($24.50).  I thought [L'Oreal] did even better than Diorshow.  No it didn’t
have the pretty fragrance (or name attatched) to it, but it lengthened and
thickened my lashes much more than Dior. L’Oreal also has a similar brush,
which helps capture every single lash. Bottom line: try this drugstore mascara,
you won’t be sorry!

My pick for this Fall is Maybelline EyeStudio Color Explosion.

EyeStudio Color Explosion

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Kristanna September 10, 2011 at 6:04 am

Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are answeerd!

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