‘Lilith’ – A Rock Rose Entertainment Short Film Production

by Jett Middleton on July 25, 2010

Lilith is a film set during the the civil war. It’s a story about an uncanny woman, her deserter companion and the man hunting them down.

Lilith is the pseudinym of a Fortune Teller who goes by the name of Charlotte.
To escape the civil war and to avoid unnecessary attention from authorities, Charlotte and her companion, a confederate deserter named Rubin, have taken refuge in a small town on the foothills of the Rockie mountains. Just when Charlotte and Rubin believe they are safe from the outside world, A Lieutenant in the confederate armed forces picks up their trail and notices that whatever town Rubin and Charlotte pass through, there seem to be mysterious disappearances.
When the Lieutenant finally catches up with the traveling duo, he discovers that his would-be prisoners are not the typical phony tricksters and deserters he’s made them out to be.

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