Makeup Tips for Realtors

by Jett Middleton on January 26, 2010

Creating a Positive Impression in the Real Estate World!

Realtor Makeup TipsRealtors today need to provide a professional image no matter what type of marketing they are doing. With all of the opportunities for print marketing and video marketing, showing up with flawless makeup can mean the difference between success and plain Jane marketing.

In the current economy the real estate market is harder than ever. Housing prices have dropped, and home sales have dropped equally. This makes it a very difficult business for realtors in the market. Due to these conditions, it is essential for realtors to develop their own business. One of the best ways to do that is by presenting a positive and professional business impression.

Of course your wardrobe is important, but the truth is that the most important calling card you have is your face. Your face is the first thing that prospective clients and colleagues see. Essentially your face is the symbol of your business. It appears on your entire realtor marketing, including any realtor print marketing such as fliers, , business cards, and even on the listings themselves. This means that you want it to be as professional and polished as possible.

When you begin to do your makeup for the workday you are going to want to start with an even canvas. You can achieve this with the use of foundation, concealer, and powder. You want to match these to your natural skin tone. Yes, you want to blend out any imperfections, but you do not want to drastically alter the color of your skin. Instead, use those products to simply cover any imperfections like uneven skin tone, blemishes, or dark circles. Once you have a basic coverage you will want to use the powder to set the look, and be sure to blend any excess so that your face does not appear cakey. (This is especially important when you plan on using video marketing.)

Next you are going to want to start to apply some color onto your face. They key here is to coordinate your color choices with your own coloring. Often the temptation is to match your makeup to your outfit, but that can make you look very out of date. Instead, focus on colors that coordinate with your skin, hair, and eye colors. This will ensure that your makeup look will appear both natural and timeless.

When applying makeup it is key to remember that you want to have a natural appearance. Begin by applying some color to your eye. You want to focus on having a medium toned color on the lid, a darker tone on the arch of the eyelid, and the lightest shade at the top. This will help to not only define the eye, but it will also open up that feature making you appear more bright eyed and attentive. To finish the eye you are going to want to apply mascara that matches your hair & skin tone. In other words, use black if you are olive skinned with dark hair & use brown or light brown if you are paler skinned with lighter color hair.

Your eyes are not the only feature that you want to enhance. Additionally, you want to gently blend color into your cheeks to highlight both your cheekbone and your smile. Start by smiling and gingerly applying blush to the apple of your cheek. This is the roundest point on your cheek when you smile. Ensure that the amount of color that you place on your cheeks equally balances the color that you have placed on your eyes.

Lastly, you want to finish your face with your lip color. Again, the key to success here is choosing a neutral shade to enhance your lips. You will want to gently line your lips. You may also want to gently fill in the corners of your lips to help increase the dimension that your lips have. From there you will want to use a lip brush to apply lip color onto both the upper and lower lip. Lastly, dab a small bit of gloss onto the bottom lip to really make your lips look plump and polished.

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