Meeting of the Masters

by Jett Middleton on September 1, 2010

This summer, Denver hosted 5 of this country’s top photographers at the ‘Meeting of the Masters’. This gathering was a four-day intensive crash course for photographers to learn side-by-side with those considered being at the ‘Top of Their Game’. And I was ecstatic to be asked to join them as their Key Makeup Artist.

It is my pleasure to introduce these most phenomenal Gentlemen:

Kirk Voclain from Louisiana was a Master at photographing the ‘Fashionable Senior’. Rest assured with Kirk behind the camera, you weren’t going to get the average “ho-hum” senior portrait. Some may consider him risqué for seniors, but he is a real artist. (Where was he when I was a High School Senior??)

Art Ketchum was our Man from Cali… California that is. Art’s work has been seen in such magazines as SOAK, FHM, Maxim and many others. He is a Master at Glamour Photography and Body Painting is one of his favorites.

Ivan Otis came by way of Canada. He is the staff photographer for Playboy and Calvin Klein Canada. He pushes the limits when it comes to his photography.

David Hickey came from California. His belief behind photography is to have a relationship with your model. When you have that rapport, your images will be outstanding. That is how he has photographed many of Playboy’s Centerfold models and been invited to The Playboy Mansion.

And, that brings me to the last Master, Joe Edelman. He is at the top of his game in Model Portfolios. If selected to work with, he will take a model from A-Z getting that coveted contract in the fashion industry. I was selected to work with Joe as a part of his presentation and present to the photographers a ‘special’ look for the finale of his presentation. His model, Jacky Sutton, and I brainstormed this image.

Though fascinating to listen and learn from these 5 ‘Masters’, there was one constant in what they ALL had to say, “The Makeup Artist can make or break your shoot.” And I agree. With every shoot, whether Model Portfolio, Weddings, Boudoir, Film, Senior Portrait, or whenever you would want to look your best, I spend hours in planning and preparing for your occasion. I always think ‘Outside the Box’ and have the necessary products to ensure you look your best when the camera is on YOU!

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