People’s Choice Awards 2013

by Jett Middleton on January 13, 2013

So the first award show of the season was this week and a few trend setters stood out in my mind!  It wasn’t the glamorous clothes but the hairstyles of two award winners.  Do you know what and who they are?












Bo Derek made them popular in 1979 in her iconic role in ’10′ while running on a beach toward Dudley Moore.  ’10′ catapulted Ms. Derek to become an instant pin-up girl.  I am certain these women are no strangers to bedroom walls of gleeks and fans out there – or maybe it’s cellphones and iPads these days!  If you said Lea Michele and Katy Perry, that’s what I was thinking!  We saw braids and more braids last night.

Do you think braids are making a comeback?  What’s old is new again!  We could see more of them in the near future.









Congrats to ALL the Nominees and Winner’s at the People’s Choice Awards last night!

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@KatyPerry #KatyPerry

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