Prom : A Right of Passage

by Jett Middleton on October 1, 2010

So Edward Cullen says to Bella Swan in that movie ‘Twilight’ (maybe you’ve heard of it???), ‘Prom is a Right of Passage.’
When Eva Denst with MakeupMania ( offered me an opportunity to be 1 of 6 Makeup Artists providing our talent’s for Children’s Hospital’s Cancer Prom, I couldn’t say ‘YES’ fast enough. 
I heard the story of these young people missing their high school proms because they were under the weather from chemo treatment, in the hospital recovering from surgery or simply not well enough to attend, it made me reflect on what is really important in life.  This event provided kids with the opportunity to be a “normal” teenager. 
The Westin Hotel donated Barack Obama’s Presidential Suite as Hair and Makeup central and I had the opportunity to brainstorm with Mallory Evans a look befitting a Princess right out of a fairy tale.  The theme of the Prom was Masquerade and she had a dress and mask that were just perfect for the event.  (That’s her on the right in this article) 
It wouldn’t have been Prom without dinner and dancing, and the Westin provided that as well.  50 in all, celebrated a ‘NO CANCER’ night with dinner and dancing, and with friends that understood the struggles that each one has faced or is still going through.  They are an inspiration to all.  I hope to see Mallory next year.  That would mean she is doing GREAT!

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