What to expect on a professional photo shoot

by Jett Middleton on March 8, 2010

Let’s talk about what to expect when you go on a professional “photo shoot”.

If you’re a MAKEUP ARTIST or Model, show your professionalism. Be on time! On time in this industry, unless otherwise specified, is 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Photographers, if you haven’t worked with the MAKEUP ARTIST contracted for the shoot, let her/him know how you work. In other words, if you need them in an hour early for makeup, make sure you communicate that with them, because if all the information says 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., you can expect them to be there at that time, and not before. Make it clear what you expect until you’ve built a relationship with the MAKEUP ARTIST. This also holds true with the models or actors that you deal with on a regular basis. Eventually, you may end up with a working relationship that borders on “psychic” when you pretty much know what the other needs or wants on the shoot.

Professional Makeup ArtistFor the MAKEUP ARTISTS here today, this part is for you. Have your kit with your normal ‘goodies, but also try to think “outside the box”. What else can you bring to the shoot that might be needed by you, the “talent” or the photographer? Maybe some hair bands, scarves, or spray tan? Who knows? Know the theme and intent of the shoot and keep that in mind while preparing. If you’re thinking about things, some ideas will come to you & you will prove to be invaluable on a shoot. Guess who will get called for more shoots if you have anything & everything that could possibly be needed during a shoot.

MAKEUP ARTISTS, be the photographers eyes in front of the camera. Once you are done with makeup, get in front of the camera fixing things like thigh highs, bra straps, fluffing hair and fixing jewelry. Keep the photographer behind the lens. That being said, don’t get in the way either! Be polite. Say, ‘Photographers I need to go in’. I have been told photographer’s get in a ‘ZONE’. You certainly don’t want to mess with the creative ZONE!

For the models, actors, “talent” in front of the camera, be prepared! Photographers will have a theme to a shoot, know what it is and dress accordingly. Have extra clothing “outfits” with you. Using hangers instead of using a duffle bag can really make a difference in time, and will be appreciate by the photographer and MUA! Rummaging in a duffle bag or overnight case is a waste of time and time is money! Show up ready for the shoot, clean face & hair, (possibly styled). Always be on time as the shoot time is paid for by the photographer and again, time is money. If you bring someone with you, such as a parent or significant other, they must stay in the background, be present and focused on the shoot, not on the person you bring. Of course you know that the more time in front of the camera, the more pictures for your portfolio. Just a quick word about cell phones, make sure they don’t interfere with the work and the creative process. Taking calls while on a shoot is a big no-no.

What photographers are saying about Jett!

Special thanks to Professional Makeup Artist, Jett, for making everything go so smooth beyond the powder and hairspray! She is so awesome at keeping everything in check, putting the models at ease, and just bringing a lovely presence to the shoot. ~ Mark Alison

See some photos from the shoot!

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