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by Jett Middleton on April 16, 2011


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I received a call from a client wanting to know, “What was in my Kit?’.   I’m thinking she was wanting to know if I kept informed of products to stay ahead of the HD Revolution. And, I DO!

With the advent of High Definition (HD) television, movies and print, there has had to be a critical overhaul in the way that makeup and special effects are done in the Entertainment Industry, as High Definition cameras and filming captures everything – flaws and all. One of the most important innovations has been in the field of HD foundation makeup, which provides a flawless finish even in the closest of close-ups.

So what makes High Definition foundation makeup different?  Most HD makeup contains pigmented light reflectors, liquid crystal pigments or optical correctors, which give an absolutely flawless finish, even under the harshest of lights which makes it perfect for television and photography using HD equipment.

High Definition foundation makeup has also been found to be really beneficial for mature skins, as the optical correctors make skin look younger. Most makeup brands are also putting nourishing ingredients like grape seed or vitamins into foundations, which also makes skin feel more youthful and supple.

Airbrush technology has taken makeup by storm. Many makeup artists, including myself, who are in the entertainment industry, have switched to airbrush foundations for use with High Definition cameras, as sometimes even brush lines from manual foundation application show up with HD which would normally never be seen. We are finding that a cream concealer combined with airbrush foundations is a perfect combination of coverage no matter the skin type.

After all is said and done, everyday makeup lines are getting more savvy and coming out with their own lines to compete with your $30 HD cosmetics. If there is a product you would like to try for your Wedding/Engagement photos, Your Model Portfolio, Boudoir Shoot, Senior Picture, or whatever the special occasion, and I don’t have it in my kit – let me know!  I too like to try new things out!



* Kett * MAC * Sephora * Smashbox * Urban Decay *
Manly * Coastal Secrets * La Femme * Ardell * MakeUp Forever * And On . .


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